Our Premise

One hundred and fifty years in the future, the climate crisis has ravaged the United States and much of the world. A walled city known as The Estate, built by the ultra rich, is considered the last bastion of civilization. It is divided into three distinct castes: The First Estate, Second Estate and Third Estate.

Any Third Estater who violates the rules of The Estate may be sent beyond the walls on a 7 day Drum Run — effectively a suicide mission. These Third Estaters must collect something The Estate needs and return to the perimeter line in order to resume their lives within the walls. Failure insures their banishment forever.

Our Story Begins

As we fade in, we quickly learn of the murder of Baron Starr, one of the most powerful men within the First Estate. During the search for and capture of his accused murderer, seven Third Estaters are scooped up and sent out on the Drum Run.

Season One of Drum Run follows these seven hapless 20 somethings as they navigate the brutal conditions outside the walls: a polar vortex, flash flood, and stifling heat to name just a few. Beyond these severe climate events, our heroes must survive the wild and feral Ravagers, as well as armed militia groups known generically as the 88s. Danger lies around every corner.

Season One is comprised of ten 25 minutes episodes — each one chocked full of drama, danger, and daring.

Our Target Audience

Drum Run targets a demographic aged 16 to 35, which includes teens, young adults, college aged, and beyond. The podcast should also appeal to anyone concerned about the climate, as well as post apocalyptic enthusiasts everywhere. The tone of Drum Run is dark and gritty, with flashes of dystopian humor, and lots of action. The dual protagonists of Ford Hilliard (optimistic but naive) and Farrah Carter (pessimistic but tough) offer two conflicting world views of a climate-ravaged brave new world.

The themes of Drum Run include climate change, authoritarian regime, class struggle, and individual choice.

For fans of Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Dune, The Fifth Wave, and Tomb Raider, the Drum Run Podcast should be right up their alley.

Our Rating And Warnings

Drum Run contains adult language that may not be suitable for kids under the age of 16. While many ages will enjoy this dramatic series, it does feature some violence, as well as adult philosophical and ethical issues. Parents may wish to listen the first episode to get a feel for whether the material in Drum Run is appropriate for their children.

Our Cast

The cast of Drum Run includes Noah Keyishian, Abby Huffstetler, Junior N’yongo (whose sister won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the movie, 12 Years A Slave), and Marco Barricelli (who played the father role in the 2021 Academy Award nominated animated movie, Luna). Nearly all of the 20 voice actors in Drum Run are, or were, in the UC San Diego graduate acting program, which The Hollywood Reporter ranked last year as the 5th best acting program in the world. (

Our Release Schedule

The Drum Run Season 1 Trailer is currently available on all major podcast platforms. Season 1 Episode 1 will drop on Friday, December 16th. Subsequent episodes will drop every other Friday and the run time is approximately 25 minutes per episode. Season 1 is slated to contain 10 to 11 full episodes, plus the trailer.